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PostcodeDrains™ are independent drain engineers who unblock toilet, sink and bath drains and clear blocked sewer pipes using rods and high-pressure water jetting at no extra cost.

Drain clearing and unblocking sewer pipes with the our local drain clearance service are drainage problems that we clear quickly and hygienically every day.

Clearing blocked toilets, unblocking sewers, outside drain pipes and bath/sink drain cleaning and preventative maintenance are our business. All work is carried out by a local drain engineer supporting local business with modern cleaning equipment such as high pressure water drain jetters and rods!

Postcode Drains ™ - the Drain Clearance Experts - drain cleaning by local drain engineers!

We clear drains across London and are expanding with independent partners to cover the UK.

We unblock drains across all areas of Great Britain!

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Blocked Drain Experts
Unblocking toilet, sink & bath drains

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